Inspired by a famous Chinese steamboat restaurant in Shenzhen that utilises coconut in their dishes, Yezi stood out as the premium steamboat establishment. The aim to open up more branches as soon as possible is what drives this restaurant to provide only quality food and the best service.

Teetering between fine dining and casual restaurant, the décor of high ceilings paired with a glass wall on one side, and culturally themed archways and furniture are set up all over the place, exuding the feel of relaxed exclusivity.

A steamboat base determines the success of a steamboat, and at Yezi, the choice comes in five premium broths with their own signature taste.

The recommended option is The Original Yezi Broth of fresh coconut water, bamboo pith and water chestnuts with option to add organic chicken for a richer flavour. The other four broths are Imperial Canton broth of cabbage and bacon, Aromatic Taiwanese Beef Spice, Fragrant ‘Shao Xing’ Wine Seafood, and the Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom.

Add a little more in every bite with Yezi’s Special Homemade Dipping Sauce that comes with an adjustable guideline on how to mix. Parallel to their overall theme, Yezi try their best to incorporate as much of the sweet natural taste of coconut in their menu as seen in dishes like Coconut BaconCoconut Dumpling, and the Homemade Fragrant Coconut Ice Cream. Indulgent premium pastes like the Prawn Paste or the Fish & Tobiko Paste Noodle are also a special hit with patrons.

Other premium selection also includes Yezi’s homemade balls like the Black Truffle balls, Fried Lobster Salad balls, Squid balls, and Mui Choy Pork balls, as well as the Japan imported Matsusaka Beef and the Spanish Black Pig

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Saturday, Sunday

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