This hidden enclave welcomes you with its laid-back interior and vintage environment. All their tables and chairs are made from wood which are very comfortable to sit on. This interior is chosen because Yeah Cuisine is located near a village area. However, never underestimate the deliciousness of their dishes. Their menu are even unique compare to other restaurants.

Yeah Cuisine is opened twice a day daily from 9am to 3pm and 6pm to 9pm. They serve hearty meals that easy on the pocket. Price range for dishes in Yeah Cuisine are from RM6.80 to RM12. They have been operating for the past one year and now they are well known in Ampang. 

Yeah Cuisine is one of the restaurant that serves the best pork dishes in Klang Valley. Now, it is much easier to find modern homemade patties. Giant Pork Patty Noodle and Giant Pork Patty Rice comes with different choices such as original pork patty, mui choi pork patty, tung choi pork patty, coriander pork patty, salted fish pork patty, dried squid pork patty and dried oyster pork patty. You can also choose to have kuey teow, mee hoon, yellow mee or lou shu fan. They have two types of version to have Giant Pork Patty Noodle which are superior soup and special dark sauce.The best part is all the dishes comes with minced pork.

You can also refill for unlimited crispy pork lards while stock last – garlic, tom yum, bbq and curry.

I am pretty sure all of us are familiar with nasi lemak but have you ever eaten pork nasi lemak? Yeah Cuisine serve their non-halal nasi lemak with pork patty goreng berempah, curry pork skin, sambal pork lard, egg, anchovies and cucumber. Nasi Lemak Non Halal taste uniquely delicious and different from any other dishes.




Beside that, you will be amazed to know about their promotions. You can claim all their promotions using their own Engage App. Engage App has been developed by Yeah Cuisine’s owner himself to help other retailers to run their app for a reasonable price. It is a self-managed loyalty program. Now, Engage App is having a promotion where to use this app you only have to pay RM19.90 whereby the actual price is RM89. Quickly contact them (+60)17 3700 361 to enjoy this great offer which is valid until Merdeka Day because this offer is only valid for first 100 customers.

Not only that, you can claim many other promotions from this app when you visit Yeah Cuisine and other selected restaurants. For instance, you can claim 1 wantan fried or soup for every 5 dish of purchase. Of course you will also get to claim for birthday rewards (RM15 F&B Dine-in Voucher), welcome reward (RM5 Rebate for the First Bill), check in reward (RM5 Rebate Minimum Purchase RM20) and lucky customer reward (FREE Cup of Coffee or Tea). Wow! Isn’t it awesome? Therefore, download engage app now.


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