There are a lot of Japanese restaurants that serve various authentic Japanese cuisine all around Malaysia. However, most of them are non-halal and Muslims are not able to experience unique delicacies from Japan. Since the opening of Yama G Japanese Fusion, everyone can finally enjoy Japanese food without any doubts. This restaurant is one of the rare Halal certified Japanese restaurants that you can find in Klang Valley. What makes them stands out from the rest is due to its fusion delicacies, flavoured with savours from New York City, Caribbean, Texas (Houston), Los Angeles, Las Vegas to California, and of course Malaysia.

The restaurant is easily identified with a black hued facade which leads into an interior that astutely amalgams cosiness and classiness under one roof. The most notable aspect is the ambient lightings that spur a trendy vibe to the space. 

After spending 25 years in the United States, Chef Yama San has been introduced to many different cuisines from French to Caucasians. He took the knowledge earned and try to fuse it into Japanese delicacies. The sushi expert then decided to reinterpret the gastronomic realm by serving unique sushi prepared the fusion way along with over 20 types of homemade sauces. This restaurant is all about the battle between man versus sushi, where customers can effortlessly pop the sushi into their mouth flavourfully and conveniently. Most of the dishes prepared in this restaurant are done with a special eel sauce to improve the overall taste nicely.  

Have you ever heard of Sashimi Boat? Here at Yama G Japanese Fusion, that is considered as one of the popular dishes among its regular customers. The dish is called Fusion Sashimi and has the portion for two pax. It consists of maguro, shiro maguro, fresh salmon, sweet shrimp, hokkigai, oyster, tamago and one piece of fresh yellow jack. Sushi set for one is also available which is served with sweet shrimp, inari, salmon, maguro, salmon maki, and sweet shrimp sushi. 

So if you feel like trying fusion sushi, head over now to Yama G Fusion Sushi and ask away about the bestselling and recommendation delicacies from Chef Yama San himself.

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