Xiao Man Dumpling & Noodle Petaling Jaya

Coming from Taiwan, HsinChu lives in Malaysia as a mother and wife. She then decided to open her first restaurant here because she misses cooking for her children who went abroad to America. She puts her passion into cooking as if she is cooking for them hence her food is full of love.

Xiao Man serves authentic Taiwanese handmade dumplings; dry dumplings, soup dumplings & grilled dumplings. Besides dumplings, they also serve Taiwanese Food like Taiwanese Beef Noodle, Braised Pork Rice, Pork Chop Rice, and drinks like Brown Sugar Tapioca Milk Tea, Taiwanese Shaved Ice, and many more.

Xiaoman dumplings are handmade, no preservatives, no added MSG, and the freshest ingredients are used. 

For convenience at home, you can get frozen Xiaoman dumplings. Simple and healthy, you get to enjoy delicious Taiwanese dumplings in just 8 minutes🥟  

Comes in 3 flavors - per pack of 20s

Shrimp Dumpling 

Chives Dumpling 

Long Cabbage Dumpling