Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot 小捞王 Petaling Jaya

Located in Jaya One, this restaurant has relocated twice since its inception in 2013. They started business in Sungai Buloh, later relocating to Damansara Utama, and to where they are right now, Jaya One. Their menu has largely remained the same since 2013 except for a couple of two new soup for the steamboat. Hotpot is the name of the game here, a place to enjoy hands on and physically venturing dining experience. There are many different ways to enjoy the hot pot experience. 

From the rich and aromatic broth to the ingredients boiled inside to the traditional Chinese teas other beverages. A wonderful way and place to hang out with your friends and to bond with family members. Some of the things on can expect upon approach to the restaurant are walk-in greetings by the very friendly staff who are equally willing to help you out with your order. Being in a place like Jaya One, this dining establishment is a good place to stop by after going your weekly dose of window shopping or actual shopping for dinner. 

Made with the freshest of ingredients to the highest of quality products all in for a reasonable price and a very satisfied tummy. Thin slices of meat, seafood and even vegetables ensures a memorable broth experience. Pickled Cabbage Pork Belly Soup is definitely a must try. The cabbage used is pickled with salt for about a month before being deemed ready for serving to willing appetites. Together with the pickled cabbages, pure pork broth is also used in this soup. A range of other soups are also available to satisy as many appetites out there as possible.