Wood & Steel (Shah Alam) Shah Alam

Wood and Steel Design originally started as a custom-made furniture line built to fit the needs of modern day lifestyle. Where Ierfan Azriff, the Creative Designer creates various designs and styles at an affordable price that values with good quality materials such as 'Wood' and 'Steel' to cater for all homes, leisure nor commercial sites. After approximately half a year of being the sole founder, he & Adam, the younger brother, came across the idea to expand his range by combining the furniture line with coffee since Adam had the utmost passion, experience and it has always been a dream of his to run a cafe of his own.

Then, came along the idea to merge these two elements and combine a gallery/cafe where everything displayed in the shop is for sale: ranging from stool, coffee tables, to lightings allowing our customers to enjoy their freshly brewed coffee while casually having a feel of our furniture. Coffee itself has been a steadfast movement, a lifestyle and also a platform for people to socialize.

Wood & Steel Cafe / Gallery is a creative space that offers a wide array of food including delectable brunch, coffee and desserts to enjoy. However we opt to become a cultural cafe that not only focuses on coffee and furniture, but also art and music, encouraging customers to linger around intimate surroundings and friendly staffs.

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