Very much known for their artisan cupcakes under the name 'Cuppacakes', the brains behind these delectable creations have decided to expand to a more solid establishment: a cafe but under one umbrella brand, Wondermilk. Now being an eatery that has a full-length menu filled with delicious food ranging from burgers, sandwiches and as well as an all-day breakfast, patrons are just as excited to step into the vicinity of Damasara Uptown for this humble cafe.

To most that have visited, the place gives out a relaxing vibe that makes you feel like you are in a bubble protected from the busy hustle of the city. Together with very creative decor like the use of pastel colours and the initials 'WM' in scrabble letters, it is a haven for minimalists and at times you will find some adults searching for a quiet place to chill during the weekend. 

Speaking about their cupcakes, you can give yourself a treat with the different types and designs that are able to be shared amongst many. Designs and flavours are usually not fixed and vary daily. Basically their cupcakes are up for bulk orders therefore if you want to have some for your special occasions, keep in mind to order them in advanced to avoid disappointment. Besides those, they also make candies and biscuits in lovely jars plus they take pride in their milk as well. Try for their lemon cake if you are there and if you want, Wondermilk makes very beautiful artisan cakes.

Besides desserts being their main priority, a cafe is not a cafe if there are no small meals served. Wondermilk has it covered with tasty courses which you can have it as a main or just some snacks to satisfy your tummy with. Choose between a plate of french toast or their fulfilling big breakfast. Generally, a great place to hangout with friends and family.