Warisan Pak Musa Nasi Lemak Sotong Banting

Warisan Pak Musa Nasi Lemak Sotong


Located in Banting, this place is known among the people who live in this area. Even during early morning, this restaurant is already filled with customers.


Nasi Lemak + Sotong

Their nasi lemak sotong is the most hyped up dish here, as you can tell by the name of the stall. The nasi lemak itself is served with anchovies, hard-boiled eggs, sambal and cucumber slices, just like any other nasi lemak. The reason why the nasi lemak here is popular is because of the sambal sotong. The sotong is served with a generous amount of sambal, which has more of a sweet taste rather than spicy. The sambal totally lifts up the taste of the whole nasi lemak.


Nasi Lemak + Telur Mata

If you don’t like sotong, you can trade it for fried egg and you can even ask for it on top of the nasi lemak or in a separate plate with the sambal!

Operating Hour

Every day

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