If you are wandering around Petaling Jaya looking for a fancy Chinese-fusion and home cooked style meals that will warm your heart then Wang Chiew Seafood Restaurant might be for you. The restaurant has been around since 2006 and is known for a great place to bring friends and family for gatherings. You would rarely hear people complaining about the service of the restaurant as the staff are friendly and would always be glad to assist you if you are having trouble deciding what you want to eat.


The prices on the menu may seem pricey but you could try their 'special dishes' to get your money's worth. Either that or you can ask the server for recommendations at the restaurant. Their Indonesian Curry Tofu is one of the must tries in the restaurant which goes well with your plain rice, it comes with tofu drowned with curry and a lot of seafood in a bowl. 

Usually, when coming to a Chinese seafood restaurants, who could go wrong with ordering a dish that has 'Butter' at the name of their dish. With that, you can try their Butter Sotong if you fancy for something buttery in your mouth. 

In terms of meat dishes, people would go for the 'Sang Cheong' which is also known as pig intestines. The fried pig intestines is stir-fried with dried shrimp and chilies to give it a kick. 

Not only that if you would like to have a dish that is healthier than the ones mentioned then you can go for their Claypot Kangkung which is also known to be one of their popular dishes to have. And their Asam Steamed Fish is also worth mentioning to try out in their restaurant. When Chinese New Year is around the corner, the restaurant will have special Chinese New Year sets for you and your family to enjoy. 

If you are planning to give this restaurant a try, it is best if you make reservations or leave the house before 7pm as the place will get crowded and you may need to wait if the place is full. 

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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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