Walikard Klang (Cafe Satay DIY) Klang

Instead of waiting in line over the hot steamy smoky roadside just to get your hands on those satays, try Walikard Klang Satay DIY. Walkard is not your ordinary restaurant as it introduces their own secret recipe to you by introducing their customers to the Rempah Satay DIY which is their special ingredient for what makes their sauce and satay so special. This restaurant has been established for over 10 years and has till consistently stood firm on producing their satays with their original recipe from when they started. Their restaurant is built in a very simple small setting with just a few tables and chairs placed for customers who want to eat in. According to Walikard, you’ll get an additional 20% off if you choose to eat in so why not do so?


Walikard features a variety of satays including chicken satay, beef satay, mutton satay, Satay Perut and kuah satay (gravy satay). If you’re ordering to take away or planning to buy it a whole bunch uncooked, they have the option of the frozen version so it’ll be kept fresh. Walikard have generously been selling out their secret recipe and ingredients on how to make good satay. It comes in a packet weighing about 10 kilograms. It consists of a variety of ingredients for different packets as there are different types of meat to it. The ingredients are said to keep the flavours to last longer. They also cater to special occasions and parties around the Klang district so do hit them up a call if you’re on really on board for this.