Set within the premises of Setiawalk, Puchong, VLounge restaurant exists as a food and beverage subsidiary for the e-cigarette distributor, Vape Empire. Located barely a couple of metres away from the Vape Empire outlet -also in Setiawalk; the 24-hours place caters to Vape fans and non-Vape users alike, serving a myriad of Western food and snacks to satiate those with a hunger pang.

Partially serving as a Vape outlet on its own accord, V Lounge serves their own rendition of Mexican tapas, Italian pizza and pasta as well as the all-time-favourite American sandwich as well as other decadent Western culinary feats such as chops and burgers along with a trace of local delicacy that comes about in the form of various fried rice dishes. To accommodate to its Muslim patrons, the food joint emphasises on dishes in which pork-based ingredients are absent. 

Beverages are also available here in the form of coffee, tea or fruit juice for those who merely wish to quench their thirst. And as mentioned previously, V Lounge doubles as a Vape outlet and thus, patrons who are partial to Vaping can replenish their supplies here as well, as the place have all the basic necessities necessary for patronising Vape users to browse on.