Vine Cafe, Starling Mall Petaling Jaya

Vine Cafe is located by the entrance of the beautiful Starling Mall. The menu has a vast variety of savory and sweet creations which is something to look forward to when you're into Western Cuisine. Here at Vine Cafe, diners can enjoy a pork-free selection of delectable that includes pasta, burgers, sandwiches, pizza, mains and desserts. 

This cafe is based on the loft style concept, with the simplistic charm of minimalism, offering an ambiance that is appealing especially to younger people and family with young children.  

So what's good to eat here? We were given 2 dishes and 4 different beverage to try. For starters, we were serve the "Salted Beef Sandwich (RM43.90), the sandwich is layered with farmhouse pickles, mustard, mix green with steak cut fries and honey mustard. 


Next we were given everyone's favorite kind of pasta the "Seafood Aglio Olio (RM37.90)." The entire dish is infused with olive oil, a medley of seafood and topped with shave parmesan. This dish is simply perfect. 


Moving on to the beverages. If you want something cold and very refreshing, give the "Lemongrass Mint Fresh (RM19.80)" a try. It's a drink that's infused with soda water, lemongrass and mint leaves that will surely refresh your taste buds. 


The next drinks are for all you coffee lovers out there. We were served a cup of "Latte (RM16.80)" and "Cappuccino (RM17.80)." We believe that there's not much convincing needed when it comes to coffee because someone once said you can't buy happiness, but you can buy coffee and that's close enough. 


                Cappuccino (RM17.80)                                        Latte (RM16.80)


Vine cafe also offers "Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea from Hong Kong," diner are bound to go on adventure in aroma, flavors, origins and more while learning to embrace and enjoy the complexity of the quality tea they have to offer here.