Bakeries and pastries shops are abundantly can be gotten around the area of Puchong but among the many, Vienna Bakery & Pastry sits itself as one of the few bakeries that is inspired by Europe style bakery specifically from Vienna where the best ingredients of high quality are shipped directly from Vienna to be here in order to serve the best, if not, authentic European baked goods. The recipes used are directly inspired by the famous Demel Bakery that is situated in the capital of Austria where the enticing baked goods including cakes, pastries, breads, and many more are available at hand.

This bakery does not focus too much on the interior but rather putting forth the baked goods that are of high quality and to be served fresh. The baked goods and pastries here are rather extensive ranging from cakes such as mille crepes, cheesecakes, and many more to bread such as loaf, baguette and others. With the wide selection of pastries it is almost impossible not to have a high tea while munching some Vienna Bakery & Pastry’s delectable baked galore. Started in Early 2015, Vienna Bakery & Pastry has gaining a lot of followers for the past year and since then many have had their fair share in experiencing its specialty. First timers become regulars almost at everyday basis. Among the many specialties of Vienna is its mille crepe cake range whereby they are more than perfect to be made as a dessert after a heavy set of meal.