Verona Trattoria has got a lot going as a high-end Italian restaurant. Serving Italian cuisine but with a mixed of Asian flavours to suit the locals taste would do no justice to be called as authentic but this restaurant would have to make amendments in order to get customers coming back. Eventually, Verona Trattoria has perfected their recipe that still carries the Italian way with a slight touch up to give that Malaysian flavour going.


Customers will be greeted with a semi-grand red stairs and flooring and a two wooden glass window doors painted pearly white. Grand colours would be perfect to describe the interior. A chandelier is placed right in the middle of the restaurant. Simple paintings are placed around the restaurant to beautify the place. The restaurant is completely air-conditioned and customers will be able to enjoy the comfort of sitting in a cool, relaxed ambience.

The menu features a plethora of Italian dishes. For the antipasti (appetiser) Go for chef recommended dishes like the Piatto di Frutti di Mare alla griglia, a grilled seafood platter of shrimps, scallops, mussels and squid that’s utterly enticing and simply delectable. You also can’t go wrong with the Italian Platter that’s filled with fresh greens, anchovies, greek black olives and serrano ham dressed with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin oil. As for the mains, try the Tagliatelle al Funghi, a homemade squid ink tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes, black olives and sautéed squid in white wine sauce. A definite win for Pasta. As for the mains, the Crispy Pork belly and the Costine di Maiale Brasato that’s got to be absolutely sinful but merciful in taste. They say that there's always room for dessert so give the chocolate lava cake and pannacotta a try.