Did you know, Mille Crepe stands for a thousand layers of thin pancake, crème and lots of deliciousness? Originating from France, the crepe cake is no stranger to dessert lovers, with it’s lush, satisfying texture and smooth taste that will last for days. Made daily with fresh, luscious cream, Vanilla The Mille Crepe Cafe recipes come directly imported from France. 

Vanilla Café have established for the past five years in the market. The rebranding of the café officially took place on April 2017. They have successfully brunch out to three different venues which is in Paradigm mall, Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Lagoon. In Paradigm mall, the ambiance is simple yet beautiful. It has a good lighting for a prefect Instagram picture. It is also ideal for mini gathering among your loved once to sit back and enjoy a slice of crepe that goes along well with coffee or tea.

Vanilla Crepe offers more than 12 flavors, with each mille crepe consisting of 30 layers of paper thin crepe. With the variety of exciting and tasty fillings spread out between each layer, giving it a distinctive texture and flavour. This would be something that you will never find in other cakes. Here, all the crepes are handmade. At 30 layers per “cake”, the work required is about 90 rotations. It takes approximately about 2 to 3 hours to make one mille crepe depending on the skill of the baker. From mixing to finish, the crepe would have gone through so many steps that will result the work of art. Mille crepes here are not very sweet and would be good for health conscious as well.

Their significant crepes are the Bamboo Charcoal, Vanilla and Tiramisu (No alcohol added). The cafe is completely Halal. Their latest crepe is the three layer chocolate crepe which is made up of White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and certainly Milk Chocolate which are all rich and thick Belgium chocolates. The favourisim among patron towards the crepe have contributed to the hike of sales by selling off 150 to 200 cakes per day excluding other occasions. Latest flavours are brought in every month for patron to try something new then the same old recipes. All this flavor are not found in any other café that made patron’s coming for more. 

Parallel to their slogan love at first bite, many patron’s find it an addiction to constantly taste their crepe. Their dry layers of crepe could ensure patron’s to constantly taste their deep flavor of the crepe especially the fresh crème that is layered between those crepes. It is surely the taste you will never forget. Therefore, head on to Vanilla the Mille Crepe café to try their crepes that will surely make you crave for more.