When comes to Korean restaurant in Malaysia, one would normally expect either Korean BBQ or various Korean set/à la carte dishes. But Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant is different than your typical Korean restaurant, as it serves the one-and-only signature dish known as “dak galbi”.

For the uninitiated, dak galbi is actually a popular South Korean cuisine where the marinated diced chicken is stir-fried together with various vegetables and Korean spicy chili sauce known as “gochujang”. At Uncle Jang, the menu is pretty straightforward. You can either go for “Original Spicy” at RM21 or “Super Spicy” at RM22, with a minimum order for at least two portions. Each order of dak galbi dish comes with complimentary side dishes of lettuce, kimchi and pickled onions.

Dak galbi is served on a cast-iron hot plate placed in the centre of the table, where the server would toss and grill all the ingredients in front of you just like a Teppanyaki-style restaurant. All you have to do is sit back and watch the server in action!

Depending on your preferences, you can enjoy dak galbi on its own or choose add-on(s) such as ramen, udon, cheese, sweet potato, rice cake, fried rice or/and chicken. If you are a newcomer to dak galbi dish, it is highly recommended that you enjoy the marinated spicy chicken cubes wrapped in a handful of fresh lettuce. On the other hand, red aprons will be provided for those who don’t want their clothes accidentally stained upon enjoying the dak galbi dish.