Healthy desserts had yet to make its mark in Malaysia but it has set off its own new wave in other countries like Hong Kong and Singapore. This brings us to Chris, a former baker and the founder of U-Desserts-one of the most famous dessert houses in a state that has an ever increasing rise in the number of dessert house, Johor. The competitiveness did not deter Chris and his 2 partners, who were ever eager to bring healthy desserts to the shores of Malaysia after numerous trips to dessert houses in Hong Kong. With the help of a dessert chef from Hong Kong to help with the business startup and ensure the quality of their products, U-Desserts quickly made an impression on people in Johor, to the point that the brand has now expanded to 3 outlets, including one located in Puchong.

As far as these healthy desserts go, some of the options include the black forest log cake, golden & purple sweet potato balls in sweetened coconut & yam sago soup, osmanthus jelly, mango dessert sets, durian dessert sets, and a whole more. Fortunately, there are also savoury treat to be had here such as chicken chop to break up the dessert monotony. To aid customers in their purchase of these desserts, there is a loyalty programme that’s organised by U-Desserts that customers can be a part of. By simply signing up for the U-Privilege card, customers can enjoy up to 20% discount on the items served at U-Desserts.


So if you’re looking to try out healthy desserts in the Puchong area, be sure to head over to U-Desserts. 

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