Now you don't have to fly across the world just to enjoy authentic Egyptian food. Right here in Malaysia is the first ever Egyptian restaurant that serves authentic Egyptian food that was founded by owners who are Egyptians themselves. There's so much more to Egypt than just deserts and pyramids, in their dish you can find diverse of influences from Middle East, Africa and Europe. This is an empire of awesome flavours. You can find their outlets in 1 Utama and Wangsa Walk Mall.

The authentic Egyptian dishes they serve are also perfectly altered to suit our local taste buds such as their Koshari wrap which was inspired by the Nasi Lemak wrap. The nasi lemak of Egypt is their Signature Tut's Savoury Rice with Roasted Chicken and Moussaka. Moussaka is a baked dish featuring layers of fried eggplant and capsicum which is a must to eat with the rice.

Tut's pride themselves with the variety of side dishes they have such as Tut's Dynasty fries that is breaded with their secret herbs and best dipped with their variety of sauces of your choice. If you are up to try Egyptian's festive dish then order up the Biram Fanta layered meat dish that gives you the choice of beef, lamb or chicken. 

Of course Egyptian food includes refreshing Egyptians drinks that can beat the heat. Slurp on the Egyptian Lemon Mint which is chilly and sour , best choice for a hot day.