Tulip by That Latte Place is the third branch That Latte Place that caters to a bigger audience with their wider selection of food even though the café is relatively new. The interior is comfortably decorated without being too ambitious; everything is kept simple with minimalist furniture and décor. Tulip, however, do have a playpen on one side of the restaurant for the kids to enjoy themselves with the various toys available while the adults talk and dine.

Tulip already stood out from the crowd by bringing in porky dishes to the menu but they stood out even more because of the quality and taste that were painstakingly thought of and created. While there are a number of cafés catering to the pork side of things, another addition is more than welcomed especially if they continue to serve the same great food.

While almost all of the food selections are mouth-wateringly good, few of those that always get the attention are the Roasted Porchetta, Egg Ben, and Oh My Ribs. The Signature Roasted Porchetta is a clever creation stemming from bruschetta, of pork belly, marinated and rolled before roasted ‘till the skin is nice and crunchy. Served with some greens and herb-infused pork gravy, the combination of the herbs and spices is full of flavour and a joy to have.

The Egg Ben is a perfectly poached egg topped with Hollandaise sauce on top of roasted porchetta and toast; talk about a good dish made better! Oh My Ribs’ ribs are rubbed with a rich combination of spices and homemade barbeque sauce that makes it sweet and spicy, but with the price tag that comes with it, this dish is a winner. The Salmon Burger is one of the burgers worth trying if porky affair is not really your affair. 

In summary, Tulip by That Latte Place offers good ambience with greater food without burning a hole in your wallet. Hop over. 

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