Every steakhouse has its own speciality, and Tony Roma’s is no difference. But instead of steaks, Tony Roma’s is synonymous with its world-famous beef ribs. First established in Sunway Pyramid in 2006, this North Miami-based restaurant can be found throughout Malaysia including the Klang Valley area such as The Gardens Mall, eCurve and Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. On the interior part, it truly kicks in a rustic steakhouse vibe with a clever mixture of brick walls, portraits and dim lightings.

An instant hit among many Malaysians, the phenomenal success of Tony Roma’s is attributed by a wise business decision of substituting the restaurant’s signature pork ribs into Halal-certified beef ribs to the menu.

Some of the best-sellers here include “Bountiful Beef Ribs”, a must-try signature dish packed with three succulent beef ribs. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, the beef ribs are perfectly glazed with Tony Roma’s lip-smacking original BBQ sauce or sauce of your choice (Blue Ridge Smokies, Tennessee BBQ, Carolina Honeys and Red Hots). Each plate comes with two side dishes of fries and coleslaw. Customers can choose either “Roma Rack” or “Full Slab” when they place their order for “Bountiful Beef Ribs”.

Apart from beef ribs, customers can also look forward to lamb ribs, which are available exclusively for Malaysian outlets. Like their juicy beef counterparts, customers can expect well-marinated yet tender lamb ribs glazed with signature seasonings. Not a fan of ribs? Series of steaks come in handy to wow your taste buds. 

Beverage-wise, the well-stocked bar will have you all pumped up to kick in a little booze. The main appeal here got to be the captivating cocktails that taste as good as it looks. If you miraculously still have some stomach space left, fill it up with desserts. 

Tony Roma’s also offers other menu varieties such as seafood, sandwiches and gourmet burgers. All in all, if you’re looking for a finger-licking goodness of meaty ribs, Tony Roma’s is one of the best western restaurants to satisfy your cravings.