Might not be a problem for fellow local Subang-ites but TJ Haus can be tough to locate for those who are not familiar with that area. Located on the first level of an end lot row of shops in SS18, the cozy ambience of the place is definitely a huge contrast comparing with the hustle and bustle in the opposite SS15. Following the ground floor banner, you might think that you have entered the home of a friend. The European and English styled decoration gives the place a touch of warmth and coziness like the home of Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. Not only that the place is authentically European interior-wise, TJ Haus is also a place to visit for authentic European cuisines.

TJ Haus is named after the initials of both of its owners, Thomas and Jeffrey who are a pair of friends and the best of partners. Thomas who hailed from Germany is the man in the kitchen, whereas Jeffrey is in charge of hosting their customers that they treat as friends. Famed for their Eastern European cuisines, start your meal with a bowl of creamy Pumpkin Soup. Then, help yourself with their Crispy German-Style Duck which crispiness and tenderness has received many positive feedbacks.

If you are not a fan of ducks, they also serve pretty decent steaks here in TJ Haus especially their 500g Australian T-bone served with roasted potatoes and topped with generous gravy which is worth the try. Other alternative choices would be their Lamb Shank, Roasted Beef and German Style Crispy Duck which is considered pretty affordable compared with the outside. Perfect the meal with some Cheesecake topped with Peach Jelly to sweeten the night.

Perfect for festive dinners or private events, you might want to check TJ Haus out to plan in advance for your next date with the special one. 

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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