A lovely café restaurant for a lovely neighbourhood: you can’t fault the concept. This British-inspired café is one of Shah Alam’s little gem. Located at a small corner in SACC Mall, this place is always packed with its loyal customers throughout the day.


The restaurant’s interior is simply adorable. It is nicely decorated with English decorations. One side of the wall is occupied with beautiful vintage plates, and another side is filled with gorgeous green tiles. Rays of sun shine coming through the space is just beautiful.


Walking into the restaurant, you will be greeted by two lovely women who will guide you to your table and serve you with the menu. Their kind words and smiles will make you feel like home or to be more specific, your beloved grandma’s house. Very welcoming and warm.  


The menu is categorised by ingredients such as chicken, fish, or beef. So, if you are craving for fish, just look at the fish category and choose the dish of your choice. Here, people usually go for their pies and desserts. Their pies are probably the best in town. There is a selection of pies you can choose from; fish pie, country chicken pie, country beef pie and many more.


When it comes to desserts, they offer a variety of cakes. The cakes are simple, light, and just wonderful. Not a fan of cakes? No worries, their best seller bread butter pudding, cream caramel, and truffle are also available on the menu.


So here’s our advice: avoid lunch hours, sit at a corner to maintain your personal space, stick to their pies and desserts, and drink lots and lots of tea. Because that’s where the buried treasure lies.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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