Calling all pork lovers and enthusiasts, The Pork Place is a sanctuary of pigs and well, more pigs. 

Pork dishes is becoming increasingly popular among the Malaysians as they are quite a number of restaurant mushrooming around KL and PJ. Even in Puchong itself, there are restaurants serving pork everywhere. The only difference is, what style is it? The Pork Place prides itself in the freshness of their produce. Also known as Sanbanto, The Pork Place acts as both a restaurant and a butcher. After all, it's farm to table, fresh every week! 

All their freshly butchered pork comes directly from their farm. Though we have no idea where it is, they assured us that it's not only safe to consume, but extremely delicate and delicious as well. Recently, they've launched a new menu consisting of several dishes made from "Black Pigs". What are "Black Pigs"? Well, in short, they're are considered premium grade among the world of swines. The meat is not only softer and more tender, but naturally sweeter as well. The best part, it doesn't reek of the usual porky-stench. 

Now onto the food at The Pork Place.

We started off with a selection of salad - Pork Belly & Pork Bacon salad. Although they may look similar, they have a few elements that differentiates them. The pork belly salad includes generous slices of pork belly that was extremely salty, kinda gave flavour to the salad itself. Mixed greens, onions, cheese, cherry tomatoes are the standard ingredients used in the pork belly salad.
The pork bacon salad on the other hand features pork bacon that has been fried to crispy perfection, served with the standard ingredients and additional lychee. It also comes with a thousand island dressing on the side. Light, fresh and delicious. 

Followed by one of the "Black Pig" dishes - The Twirls of Landrace-Duroc. The name was equally confusing as the plating of it. But fortunately, the flavours were really good. Rich, succulent and paired nicely with the greens on the side. The Twirls of Landrace-Duroc was pretty good. Though I would consider it as appetizer. 

Pork knuckle is also a thing here at The Pork Place. Called the Crispy Pork Knuckle, the skin was indeed crispy - and I do mean really crispy. With such a perfectly golden skin, how could it not be? The meat was also incredibly tender and juicy. Paired with The Pork Place's signature mustard sauce, it was truly amazing. Simple and absolutely delicious. If they were selling the skin on it's own, most of us will purchase it and placed it in our sandwiches. 

Another one of the "Black Pig" dishes would be the pork loin. Thin and succulent steaks of pork loin, grilled to tender perfection and served with grilled onions, mixed vegetables and bacon bits mash on the side. Lovely marination as it had a deep depth of flavour. It's light, it's simple but it's extremely flavourful. or those who enjoy a little extra, you might like the pork collar. Tender and easily broken apart filled drenched in rich bone stock and served with dauphinoise potatoes. A short warning, the stock was a tad bit on the saltier side. 

Last but not least, the Best of Bellies. Served with sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes on the side, mash below and a wholesome rich sauce. It truly was a treat, as the fat within the pork belly melted in my mouth. Packed with flavour and glutinous goodness, the best of Bellies truly was one of our favourite dish. 

In conclusion, The Pork Place has much to offer in terms of pork. Especially when the dish itself uses a more premium and higher grade 'Black Pig'. Those are the dishes with the * at the beginning. They're made with the highest quality of pork as they were incredibly tender, juicy and full of flavour. The Pork Place is a great restaurant to satisfy your porky cravings and to purchase raw pork as well. 

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