Often we would want to pamper ourselves after a long week struggling to survive at work or life in general. If you don’t already know, this hidden gem nestled upon the busy streets of SS15 serves some of the best steaks and not to mention – wine. The Penthouse Restaurant and Wine Bar is set with a classy, luxurious yet contemporary ambience, perfect for some quiet conversations and a glass of red wine. Besides that, you could also imagine a private business session being held here with a lounge-like area furnished with leather sofas and wine shelves.

With the colonial-inspired contemporary concept of the restaurant, the ambience just wouldn’t go well with anything non-fancy. As mentioned above, The Penthouse is known for their steaks. Not just any ordinary steaks but Australian Angus and Wagyu that weighs a minimum of 1.6kgs – namely Tomahawk. If you are confident with yourself, you could try and finish it all on your own while it is suggested that you share it with someone. Other than steaks, The Penthouse also serves pretty decent Western Food, their Pan-Seared Tuna Loin and Lobster Aglio Olio are also not bad of a choice.

Perfect your night with some desserts that brings a sweet start to your weekend, try out the Wild Berries Millefoglie which features layered biscuits topped with wild berries. Desserts might not be your thing but I’m sure you’re always up for a glass of wine. The selections available here are quite comprehended so why not take a sip. You’re lucky if you are visiting during a weekend as they offer lunch buffets for a pretty affordable price which includes Pasta, Pizza, Soup of the day, Caesar Salad, Ice Cream, Snacks and Beverages.

Though Friday nights are perfect for celebrations, we should be celebrating every day we survived so feel free to pamper yourself any day.  

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