Located in the heart of the district of Petaling Jaya, The Local -a food eatery founded by The Gastro Project (TGP), caters to everyone's whims and wants when it comes to serving regional delicacies scattered across the country all under one roof.

A cafe in all earnest, with a rather spacious interior for ample seating spaces, the Local is more than adequate to handle the rush hour horde of the hungry lunch crowd on the prowl for delectable -and affordable; meals in the streets of Petaling Jaya. As its name aptly suggests, the cafe is ever-readily equipped with culinary marvels hailing from the various ethnicity found within the soil of Malaysia. Yes, you heard right the first time. Malay, Chinese and Indian -not forgetting Western; signature dishes are all available here.

If you're ever patronising the premises for a decadent meal sporting an authentic Malay twist, look no further than their Nasi Lemak dish that is best paired with a selection of meats ranging from chicken, beef or seafood. A suggestion; their spice-fried chicken is quite the palate pleaser with the tender texture of the white meat complementing the savoury flavours of the dish as a whole. Or else try their Nasi Kerabu with Chicken in Percik Sauce, which is quintessentially fragrant blue tinted rice paired with a succulent piece of poultry drenched in savoury, aromatic, coconut-milk-infused curry gravy. 

For dishes of Chinese origins, patrons can take a shot at the Local's rendition of Char Kuey Teow, Hainanese chicken rice as well as Wantan Mee, just to name a few. If you are a fan of Indian cuisines, the Roti Jala there is one of the many notable dishes selling out fast like hotcakes. Pair it with a warm, steamy cup of Teh Tarik and you'll be set with a meal that is both heartening and tasty. At any rate, with an extensive list of good eats, patrons will indubitably be spoilt for choices. Indecisive people, ye hath been warned.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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