The Geographer Adventure Restaurant Bar Club Puchong

If you are looking for a good live band to be enjoyed on a breeze Friday night while munching over a delicious plate of meal, or perhaps only to enjoy a couple of good drinks whilst catching up with a few good friends after a long tiring day, Geographer Adventurer Restaurant and Bar is the exact place to be. Apart from the delicious food that this restaurant is serving, most patrons and regulars will opt for this bar to go for a kick on their hookah bar with assortments of beer along with snacks at the side. The mains that Geographer is offering are rather extensive from Western dishes to Asian fusion dishes and event to Italians such as pastas and pizza and nothing beats a good slice of pizza to be enjoyed with a pint of beer while under the whelm of soothing live band playing at the side.

 This restaurant does not specifically focuses on a single type of specialty of which that fact makes some of the dishes that they serve are delectable, among the many, Geographer’s lamb racks dish is not to be missed and considered as one of the best places to get your crave for lamb dish fix. The settings of Geographer Adventure Restaurant is rather dark and mysterious yet the cosy ambience still retains with wooden floors hampering the ground, green looking creepers intertwining the fence with obvious gold metal lion head  embarking its head directly to the audience of the live band playing. In short Geographer Adventure Club is a great place to chill out.