Located at the heart of an Industrial area in Glenmarie, TheFOODTree Restaurant is established at the Lobby of Only World Group (OWG). TheFOODTree is divided into three sections, one of which being the outdoor area. The interior of the restaurant is a mixture of a formal dining area and another side which has more of a laid-back and chill ambience. Banquet halls are also available here if you are planning for a private function or personal event.

TheFOODTree’s menu features a mixture of international and oriental fares, as well as local delights. A popular item off of their menu would definitely be their Freshwater Prawn Noodles (Sang Har Mee), the portion of the noodles is definitely big enough to be shared among two or even three, considering how much of a light eater one may be.

To go with your Sang Har Mee, why not go for their popular beverage the Jumbo Herb Drink. It lives up to its name with its jumbo size which is somewhat similar to a virgin mojito. Don’t worry, it’s definitely not an alcoholic drink. The Jumbo Herb Drink is a mixture of parsley leaves, lemongrass, mint leaves, longan, lychee and sour plum. It is said to be health beneficial as its ingredients provide aid with detoxing and digestion.

If you happen to drop by during the weekends, definitely give their Halal Dim Sum a try as they provide up to 30 choices of varieties. Here is the good part: TheFOODTree offers Dim Sum served in a buffet style, whereby customers get to eat all they want for a pretty affordable price. If you are craving for Dim Sums during weekdays, however, fret not as they also provide Dim Sum promotions during weekdays -three baskets at RM14.

TheFOODTree, similar to its name provides various cuisines under one tree is definitely a place you would want to try out if you are looking for a nearby lunch spot or perhaps if you are planning for an upcoming event and are searching for a venue with catering.