The Crusty Nest is a pie shop that’ll surely put your perspective of pies to a whole new level. A café and bakery that’s dedicated to making pies, cakes and sandwiches for a decent price. A passion for baking only the freshest and quality friendly to their customers, the Crusty Nest has been active since last year in May 2015. Established by a group of friends who came up with the concept from an old Chinese children’s story about a mother bird who consistently fed her hatchlings in their nest. Eventually, as the mother bird ages and weakened, her young ones faithfully returned to the nest to feed her in return.

The entrance itself is more than welcoming. A decorative, artsy design of plain and black and white is the main theme of the entrance. You also gotta learn the letterings and small birds painted on the walls. As for its interior, it is fashioned in a simple setting and furniture, neat and clean.

On to their menu which features both savoury and sweet pie - a definite delight that pleases your taste buds. There are only a selected few pies for both the savoury and sweet. Having troubles to pick one?Opt for the Piezza, Jackie- The Meat Pie, Lamb William or just opt for the simple and delish Chicken Mushroom; a choice that you could never go wrong. As for dessert, try the Wedding Cheese or the Apple crumble.

There’s a limited selection of coffee, tea and cooler that’s not much to talk about. Most customers come in for their pies so the drinks are not much of a hype. A fine line of cakes and cookies are sold here as well but may vary depending on the month and season so stay tune on their Facebook page for more updates.

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