Located in Setia Alam, a clean and moderate casual dining really puts every patron here into calmness and serene. That is the reason why it becomes a favorite choice by the neighborhoods. Plus, they have an array of selections to offer! My advice is, come earlier than 7PM so you do not have to wait longer for a table! My first attempt trying out Chinese cuisines in a Thai style is an amazing and wonderful experience I have ever had here. Started my meal with the juicy, soft skewers, they are nothing more but so favorable and appetizing that is going to sink between your teeth. 

The chicken skewers are perfectly marinated with some secret ingredients that makes it taste different and more special than the others. I love the lean juicy meats and fats! So chewy , so yummy! Whenever they start grilling, you can smell the aroma and that makes your mouth watering and taste bud salivating! 


The Moo Ping or pork skewers are most favorable! With only RM12, you can get it fresh as they are perfectly grilled in house and enjoy till the last bite! Simple yet appetizing presentation, and you can't wait any longer to grab it!


The prawn in coconut milk is so extraordinary! You can taste the freshness of the prawn inside with some spiciness and lemak in between! I always opt to something spicy lemak like this dish! So creamy yet so yummy. If you asked me, I will vote for this! The richness of ingredients is the secret of the thick creamy taste of the it. By using fresh coconut milk, the authenticity and freshness are preserved. 

However, one you should not miss is the deep fried pork! They are crunchy and the tender meat is so soft and yummy! Especially the crunchy golden skin, ummphhh so cannot resist! Pus, the dipping sauce makes the taste more incredible. but its you choice to have it with or without the dipping sauce. 

Drop everything now and come by here to enjoy every piece of Thai style of dishes here! 

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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