Nuts about coconuts? And a briyani lover? Well, we just found the perfect place for you! As the name might shed some light to some of you, “Tengga” means coconut in Tamil and Tengga Briyani specializes briyani served in a coconut!

Started out as a small business in 2016 inside a mamak stall, the restaurant officially branded themselves as Tengga Briyani in July 2018! Though their main location in Bandar Sri Damansara started two weeks ago, Tengga Briyani has been racking up quite a statement with their signature coconut briyanis!

Stepping foot into the restaurant, the interior is simple and sleek to provide a sense of comfort as well as a modern glimpse. Along with a warm welcome of coconut juice served, a nostalgic comfort is what best describes the environment!

The owner invented the coconut briyani cooking method after noticing flaws within the gourmet industry. Following 8 years, he decided to make briyani using only the freshest ingredients with the aim of making healthier and authentic briyani. Which birthed the inspiration behind cooking briyani using coconuts! Steaming briyani inside a coconut provides an all natural flavour as well as amplifying the real taste of the briyani!

We were served 3 different types of briyani. Mutton, chicken and prawn briyani. First up was the mutton briyani. Boasted as Tengga Briyani’s signature dish, this dish embodies its own personal flair. Boiled with spices for 4 hours, the coconut flesh melts into the rice giving it a different taste from the typical briyani!

For those that prefer seafood with their briyani, guests can opt for the prawn briyani. But beware as this dish was significantly spicier than the other 2. Which makes it the perfect dish for those that can’t skimp out on spice! This dish comes with 2 prawns which were pretty big in size. The meat were plump and juicy that were perfectly paired with the briyani.

Last but not least, chicken is a definitely a staple in briyani. The chicken is definitely a healthier option as it contain less cholesterol as opposed to the prawn. It was definitely the mildest in terms of spice when compared to the other 2.  

Tengga Briyani also does catering services and it comes with additional items on the menu! The latter includes pork and even monitor lizards! They even have a second branch at Bandar Puteri, Puchong with a mature twist for guests that would like to have a drink at the bar while enjoying briyani!