Ever happened to come across situations during the day where you suddenly have a urge to sip on a cup of 'teh tarik' but incidentally, you cannot frequent your favorite 'mamak' joint due to the blistering afternoon heat? Boy -and girls; do we have a fix for you. 

Located in the ground floor of the Curve in Mutiara Damansara, the Teh Tarik place is the one-stop joint to go to for all ages alike to get their hands on Malaysia's scrumptious local delicacies. From a cup of 'teh tarik' to the 'roti canai' and even curry noodles, if it is local specialties that you are looking for while escaping the sweltering midday sun, the Teh Tarik place is the place for you.

Their signature beverage, the 'teh tarik' comes about as the perfect infusion of tea and milk mixed together and even before you drink it, you will be able to discern the distinct aroma of the 'teh tarik' wafting about. Another of their hot selling beverages is the Ribena Lychee, which the name suggests, Ribena water coupled with a couple of lychee fruits. Sweet and served chilled, it is the perfect drink to placate any disgruntled individuals suffering from the heatwave. 

Aside from the drinks, the food served are also quite a hit among the locals and foreigners alike. Their 'assam laksais pretty delectable if you have a thing for spicy food. Made out of fish paste, assortment of herbs and spices, not to mention chilies, a lot of chilies, the 'laksa' broth will leave you breathless for more. Their 'nasi lemak' is also a must try, with hot spicy 'sambal' -along with a hint of sweetness to goes well with the coconut rice. Anchovies and peanuts add crunch while slices of cucumbers help cool the palate. One can opt to have curry rendang chicken with the 'nasi lemak' as well. 

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