Tucked in an older area of Puchong (Bandar Puteri Puchong) filled to the brim with Chinese restaurants lies Restoran Taste Good (not to be confused with Good Taste), a Chinese restaurant catering for large meals for the family. The restaurant is the brainchild of a brother and sister duo. The sister (known to most people as Ms. Ong) is more focused on “front of house” matters while her brother manages the kitchen with his years of experience as a former chef in Oversea Restaurant in Ipoh.

As far as the food here is concerned, there seems to be a heavy focus on seafood dishes as seen in the seafood favourites here like stir fry dried & fresh cuttle fish with onions and peas, steamed mandarin fish in rice wine, clams in superior soup, Kam Heong crabs, and their famous butter and pumpkin crabs to name a few. There are also a slew of pork dishes to enjoy here such as claypot spare ribs with bitter gourd, braised pork belly, Mongolian styled spare ribs, and much more. For something that doesn’t fall into either one of these categories, there’s the Stir-fry French beans with dried shrimps, Fried egg with onions, Beancurd in Pumpkin sauce, Sweet & Sour Crispy Chicken, and a whole lot more.


To wash all this food down, customers can have some red wine, beer, or some Chinese tea for those looking to stay sober. In short, Restoran Taste Good is a great place to try out some unique food with friends and family.