Tako Endo is a takoyaki eatery that is located in Ikano Power Centre in Mutiara Damansara. The eatery aims to bring the authentic takoyaki experience in a scale that’s manageable and with affordable prices for the public. This is done by importing a number of ingredients from Japan, in particular the seaweed powder, bonito flakes, yakitori sauce (even regularly referred to as Japanese Worcestershire sauce), and kewpie mayonnaise.

While many other takoyaki outlets have a variety of stuffing to be had in the signature yakitori batter ball, Tako Endo limits this to solely octopus pieces. That said, some much needed variety can be added to the dish as the four takoyaki balls served here can come with a side portion of baby octopus, chicken ham, cheese sausage, prawns, salmon, eel, and crab sticks. These are then drizzled generously with the aforementioned yakitori sauce and kewpie mayonnaise, as well as being sprinkled with the seaweed powder and bonito flakes. Besides takoyaki, the stall also serves okonomiyaki, which can be had with many of the fillings and toppings used in the yakitori. A great thing to note about Tako Endo is that there are many promotions and discounts that are available on a regular basis to help customers make a worthwhile purchase.


So if you’re looking to take a dive into the world of takoyaki while you’re around the Damansara area, Tako Endo would be a great choice as the takoyaki here mostly remains consistent with what you’ll find in other authentic takoyaki stalls.

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