Located in one of the largest food areas- Subang Jaya, the refurnished Taj Curry House is now the perfect spot for those who crave meals at every hour of the day. Though With a few endorsed dishes, many patrons. When their green tables and comfortable leather seats are filled on the inside, a few more rows of plastic tables and chairs are arranged right outside of the stall. That shows how well the place is doing, no?

The first dish that you should always try when you are at these ‘mamak’ places is the Tandoori Chicken. Our team has safely decided that their Tandoori Chicken is certainly a dish that should not be missed out. You are served part of a fresh and juicy chicken, cooked to fiery red and crunchy texture, accompanied by a few slices of onions. Do not worry about the level of spiciness because it is cooked to suit every different kind of palate. The meat is so well-marinated and tender, you are guaranteed to order another plate of it!

We have recently found out why their naans are the best in the area. The reason behind the well-baked leavened bread is the amount of effort they put into making a delicious naan. We can assure you the cheese naan is worth trying. They are quite generous with their cheese slices therefore when you take a bite out of it, you are able to enjoy the taste of melted cheese coating the bread.


Next in line would be the roti canai. The portion is just as equivalent to the naan served with chicken and fish curry plus a little sambal. If you are a noodle person, then you are able to indulge your appetite in their Maggi Goreng. Besides that, a number of people also have recommended the aromatic satay.


Without fail, Taj Curry House is a potential place for you to visit if there is always a sudden hunger in the middle of the night!