Baked eggs and desserts. Some like it hot, some like it cold. Well, for baked eggs, best it be on a temperature hot enough to not burn your palate and not too cold that it destroys the fun of the dish. Same can be said for desserts. However living in Malaysia, where it is summer all year long, cold deserts can be quite delectable. So, would it be the cold ice cream on top of a piece of waffle that does it for you? Or the creaminess from the melted cheese and some spinach or parsley?

Whatever it is you should check out T.B.F Brunch Bar Desserts, for your daily dose of goodness (not implying you should head over there every single day). This restaurant has got more than one brunch but of course, we will be talking about the in Petaling Jaya. Situated in Sunway Giza, T.B.F Brunch Bar Desserts is what one would call a step above the rest, by going the extra mile of selling alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy.

You would expect, the name “T.B.F.” stands for The Beer Factory and well, “Brunch Bar Desserts” has an obvious meaning to itself. Ambience-wise, it is cosy and simple but not overly unsophisticated with dim lighting that matches the drinking mood of many. With a huge screen for their projector to shine on during football game night, what more can one ask. Anyway, other than alcoholic beverages, their wide range of dessert options are also not to be missed. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
Friday, Saturday

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