T.Art Pastry Café Petaling Jaya

About a year ago, T.Art Pastry Café started their business at Damansara Utama as a contemporary French café that features French desserts, pastries, panini, quiche and western cuisine with a cozy setting and a touch of elegance. From cheese fondue to cakes, everything here is irresistible!  

Starting with their Lemon Butter Fish which is the most popular dish here. Two fillets of butterfish served with fried rice and salad dressings on the side will surely make your tummy full. The butterfish is so soft, perfectly seasoned and it goes really well with the fried rice. The lemon completes this dish with its sourness dish but at the same time, the lemon not overpower the fish and the fried rice. 

Next, their Pesto is so incredibly good. This dish is basically pasta that is cooked in Pesto, a traditional Italian paste that is made from a mixture of olive oil, basil leaves, and pine nut. Finished with grated parmesan on top, Pesto has the fresh, delicious basil taste that gives you a good mouthfeel too. 

Not many restaurants in Malaysia put fondue in their menu. However, if you ever feel like to try one, come over here to try T.Art's fondues, especially their Cheese Fondue T.Art Foot Long Sausages. Served with broccoli, potato wedges, and cheese sausages, this dish will leave you one good impression in your mouth. Suitable to be shared with your friends or family. 

What a pastry cafe without baked desserts like cakes in their menu am I right? T.Art Pastry offers a quite selection of cakes. There are 3 delicious cakes that are worth to try here. First, the Chocolate Cheese. This traditional New York cheesecake is made with dark chocolate ganache and biscuit base. The sweetness in the chocolate is just right and doesn't overpower the cheese but most importantly this cake doesn't make you feel bellyful.

Another chocolate cake in their menu is Mousse au chocolate which is an enriched chocolate cake

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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