Symphony by Chef Jo Kuala Lumpur

Opened doors in 2017, Symphony by Chef Jo is founded by an amazing chef who was once a juror and host of Masterchef Malaysia. Chef Jo is bringing a different yet familiar taste to people in his restaurant. Symphony by Chef Jo serves eclectic cuisine. Chef Jo brings in inspiration and ideas from around the globe such as French, Nyonya and Italian cuisines to give a taste that satisfies our tastebud and taste that we can be familiar with. The name "Symphony" has an interesting idea to it. Chef Jo explained it is basically a formation of what you can find in a restaurant, the kitchen, chefs, ambience, guests, food, music, all combined and forms a symphony.

Chef Jo pushes the boundaries and take all that he has gained to produce signature dishes such as Crispy Marmite Chicken Pitzaal or his Spicy Chocolate Seafood Pasta. Chef Jo calls his restaurant a casual dining experience but serves up the tip top best dishes that you can hardly find in Malaysia. Symphony by Chef Jo has 2 "walk in chillers" also known as their private dining space which you can request for events. Each section of his restaurant is also categorised with name of herbs.

The interior is designed with orange and wooden theme with dim lights which sets a romantic and comfort mood. Big enough space and seats for big crowds and best of all, an open kitchen concept. If you're seated at the bar stools of the kitchen, you can well observe the making of your food. 

Symphony serves drinks that is beneficially good to our health such as Rooibos Tea which they serve it hot or cold. Rooibos Tea and Grape Juice are also being sold at the front of the bar counter. 

Living up to their unique bombastic dish names, they serve bomb good food such as the Oxtail Assam Pedas which contains soft tender oxtail meat with Assam pedas cooked with oxtail broth. Chef Jo mentioned that their meal is best shared as "Sharing is Caring". 

So if you do ever come by, remember, Symphony by Chef Jo is located in DC Mall on Level 1, Lot 19-21 which is outside facing Sofitel Hotel. 

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