If you have not heard about this café just yet, you should know that this is no ordinary café. Mainly decorated in quite a very European atmosphere; from Victorian era paintings in Vintage frames to the rainbow coloured bears sitting on the front counter. Based on the interior furniture as well, this will be an Instagram-worthy kind of café.

Do not expect this to be the kind of common cake house you can find elsewhere. Though still serving some of the common ones like the cheesecake, the red velvet or even the chocolate cake, Swich established its name as one of the places with the most exotic cakes ever made. A few of their fabulous flavours and probably most of the patrons’ favourites are already labelled on the front door as you enter the place.

You might have heard about one of the famous Musang King Durian cake, but have you heard about the Cempedak Tutti Fruitti Cake? That is considered one of their renowned creations that has been recognized in a few food magazines. Swich is known to make the most exotic fruit cakes as well as cakes from other edible ingredients that you would not imagine possible. A number of fruit-related ones include Mangosteen cake, Avocado cake, Soursop Cream cake, Jackfruit cake, Ciku cake, Papaya and Lime cake, Avocado Cheesecake and the list goes on. They might have some pies too, like the Durian Mud Pie.

Accompany your cakes, which is placed on porcelain plates with some one-of-a-kind artisan flavoured coffee served in colourful horoscope-designed cups. We believe the plates and the cups are hand-painted due to the unique production on them that can only be beautifully done through somebody's artistic hands.

You can choose to visit the café to have a taste of every cake available or you can ask to pack the cake back home if you are within the neighbourhood. Good news for those who prefer to shop online. This café also provides a delivery service for both cakes and also small bites. Macaron with Valrhona Chocolate or a range of cookies to choose from. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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