Nowadays Malaysians are much more health conscious and aware on their food intake as compared to decades ago and as a result some of them are more inclined to opt for vegetarian dishes as part of their daily intake. Fortunately for them, and all of us, vegetarian restaurants have been sprouting for the past few years as its popularity is gaining day by day. Among the many, Sweet Garden Vegetarian Restaurant sits itself as one of the best vegetarianrestaurants around Petaling Jaya. Located at Dataran Glomac, Sweet Garden is one of those vegan eateries that offer varieties of local dishes but without a hint of any meat in them. The menu is extensive enough ranging from varieties of roti canai, roti tissue and many more to heavy set of mains such as nasi lemak.

Among the many type of dishes Sweet Garden is offering, their line of noodle dishes are not to be missed for instance the Yee Mee Spinach Soup that is packed with spinach strands and submerged in a hot piping fragrant soup broth that is usually fitting for a cold night weather. No matter how forbidding it is for meats to contain in the meals serve here, surprisingly the alternative that this restaurant is using does not hold back the original authentic taste of the dishes that originally contains meat inside. Interestingly this restaurant is always filled with customers especially during lunch hour where lunch crowds from the office in the Dataran Glomac will swarm the place, just to get their weekly fix of vegetarian food. 

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