Satays are a big part of the Malaysian food culture and Suukee Satay definitely has a story of their own to tell! With a recipe handed down from generation to generation, Suukee Satay has a brought a legacy of their own that will stay and spread to the people in Selangor and KL!

Originated in Malacca, Suukee Satay started as a portable stall by the owner’s grandmother back in the 1940s and as they progressed throughout the years by becoming a local favorite, the satay has become so widespread that people from all over the country visit Malacca just for a taste of that scrumptious satay! 

With the opening of the second branch in Cheras, the satay joint endorses a fast food concept for an easy snack on the go. While the portions are barely enough to be called a meal, of course go ahead and eat as many as you need for that big lunch belly room that you saved! (and we won’t judge!) On the other hand, the interior features a botanical and comforting environment that helps you wind down!

Obviously satays are definitely the must have items when visiting Suukee Satay so we were introduced to a variety of satay dishes and first up we had the classic Satay In The Cup for an easy grab and go snack! 

Satay in the Cup

The cup includes a few sticks of satays alongside a few sides of peanut sauce,nasi impit, cucumbers and onions. This cup contains all the necessities of a satay in a cup and you really can’t go wrong with good ol’ tradition!

Continuing the satay streak. For the hungry bunch or the satay connoisseurs that like variety, we were served the Satay Platter which features 7 different types of satay! This platter includes a selection of pork, chicken, intestines and more with each of them are unique in taste individually and we have to say that the skewered guts are definitely not for those who don't have them!  

Satay Platter

Be sure to dip those satays in the house specialty peanut sauce for a match made in heaven! The thick and flavorful sauce contains pineapple which made it light enough that you’ll keep going in for more!

Another one of Suukee Satay’s unique traits is that there are no boundaries to what you can or can’t do with satay as they came up with this amazing Hainanese Satay Pizza!! As innovative as this looks, who knew satay on pizza topped with cheese would be so good that you would start to think that they are inevitably made for each other! 

Hainanese Satay Pizza

Other than satays, they also serve Otak Otak Muar as a bonus for those that might not feel like having satay as a light snack!

Otak otak Muar

The meat is plumpy and succulent with plenty of umami!

To finish off the meal, what’s better than dessert? After all those gourmet skewered meats, we bet something refreshing will top it all off and this creamy Coconut Milkshake topped with a scoop of ice cream will do just that!

Coconut Milkshake

Or would you prefer something less creamy and something more crunchy and icey? Staying true to their Malacca roots, this Cendol Melaka is the ultimate summer pick up! (or everyday for Malaysians) A beautiful mini mountain of shaved ice topped with brown sugar syrup, red beans and cendol is the perfection that you never knew you needed!

Cendol Melaka
Last but not least, good news for those in the area that wishes to try out Suukee Satay! The satay joint is now on some of Malaysia's common delivery apps such as Grabfood, Foodpanda and Hungry! There will also be a promotion running on the 1st of May 2019 for a buy 1 free 1 deal so mark your calendars and you won't miss it!