Kaiten-zushi, or commonly known as conveyor-belt sushi that served in many Japanese restaurants are actually nothing new in Malaysia. In fact, there are many conveyor-belt sushi restaurants you can find throughout the Klang Valley area alone, and among the most popular one happens to be Sushi Zanmai. With more than 10 outlets available in prominent shopping malls such as Sunway Pyramid, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Paradigm Mall and Nu Sentral, Sushi Zanmai is especially popular among many Malaysians during lunch and dinner hours. Nevertheless, a long queue is often expected if you want to dine at Sushi Zanmai.

At Sushi Zanmai, you can expect more than 100 varieties of sushi to choose from. Not only the sushi is made from quality ingredients, but the overall price is reasonable enough for the masses to enjoy.

But sushi isn’t the only food you will expect from this Japanese restaurant, as the menu also covers an extensive range of Japanese cuisine. For instance, there are appetisers such as “Potato Mayo”, “Edamame” (boiled green soybean) and “Chuka Idako” (seasoned baby octopus). For meat and seafood lovers, there’s the popular Japanese dishes such as “Soft Shell Crab”, “Chicken Katsu” (fried chicken cutlet), “Ebi Tempura” (fried prawn tempura) and “Sukiyaki” (a combined dish of sliced beef, bean curd & vegetables cooked with soy-based broth). Not to be left out is a delicious range of Japanese noodles including assorted udon, ramen and soba. Last but not least is a variety of Japanese beverages, such as the popular cultured milk of Calpis brand, Hokkaido Wine and assorted sake.

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