Yet another “fast food” concept Japanese Restaurant chain, Sushi Tei which has a few branches in Malaysia has a standardized menu and design concept towards their restaurant. This one located in Tropicana City Mall is pretty spacious and in terms of design, it is the typical Japanese Restaurant designed with light pine walls and floors that brings out the Japanese vibe of the restaurant. The soft yellow lights shines throughout the whole room giving it a casual yet modern ambience, similar to its concept of being a “fast food” Japanese chain.

The typical thing that symbolizes a “fast food” Japanese restaurant chain would be the sushi belt rolling in a track that reaches all the dining tables in the restaurant automatically. Which makes the sushi available on the sushi belt and their makis as well as sashimi is the highlight of the restaurant. Like most Japanese restaurant chains, the all-time favourite sushi like Tamago, Ebikko, Salmon, Tuna and Ebi is definitely available on the sushi belt. For those who are up for some new and interesting flavours, don’t hesitate to go for their special roll. The popular recommendations are the Dai Dai Roll and the Golden Roll which are wrapped with complex mix of ingredients and sauces such as mango, salmon, king prawn and others.

Hot and heavier meals are also available in the Japanese restaurant chain such as Udon, Bento, Soba, Ramen and others. If you are looking for something to share or if you are a heavy eater, you can browse the sets available that comes with the main meal, rice or noodles, chawanmushi and miso soup.

The “fast food” Japanese chain would be the perfect place to slot in a quick lunch or dinner before your movie starts.