The name Sushi Mentai is an already established name among sushi lovers as this magnificent chain of sushi joint depicts as one of the best Japanese restaurants around Malaysia. With around more than 20 outlets in Malaysia and Singapore, Sushi Mentai has made its name as a place that serves exquisite Japanese cuisine that is of high quality ingredients and yet at an affordable prize where the masses can enjoy them at any time of the day. The top notch ingredients uses are assured fresh and genuine as they are constantly shipped and air-flown from Japan. Despite it being affordable where the prices begin at RM1.80 for a plate of sushi – bizarre – the taste is spectacular and alike of nothing that reflects it being cheap!

 The extensive menu stretches from selections of sashimi to heavier mains. Pretty usual on the menu of sashimi one would say such as tamago mentai, crabstick mayo, salmon mentai, and many more however with every bit of its ingredients that is freshly done, the overall aftertaste is incomparable and definitely worth not to be missed. Among the many authentic mains Sushi Mentai is offering, its Salmon Mentaiyaki is this joint’s prize winner with a beautifully pan seared salmon that is done to perfection where the juiciness of the fish is still clear cut yet does not lose the crispiness conveyed on its skin. Synonymous to its name that is very well known, this joint is of course never tone down on the people that they serve. This specific outlet in Klang is always packed with people especially by the lunch and dinner crowd. Waiting for a table is almost a must but fret not, it is not going to take long and a couple of minute will not harm. 

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