Sunny Queen is a popular of Italian franchise restaurant from Taiwan, which has finally come to Malaysia and is now open in Sunway Pyramid! Stepping into Sunny Queen makes you feel as if you’re walking through wonderland and it surely does bring back great memories of fables and fairy tales. Murals of polar bear wondering through the forest, alongside rooms with where cute cartoon cats and mice are on the walls. As you pull up your chair, you might be charmed by caricatures of reindeer and bunnies on the back of the furniture.  


Sunny Queen has fascinating origins; its name is a reference to its owner, a Taiwanese restaurateur who at first worked in steamboat recipes. Be that as it may, consistent with the advanced idea of globalized gastronomy, she likewise adored Italian and Western fare, so Sunny Queen is her tribute to the fare that has spread from Rome, Florence and Milan to the rest of the world.

Their kitchen does justice to this culinary heritage, deftly balancing the demands of Italian traditions with local palates. The Hawaiian Pizza (RM32.80) is covered with a generous amount of prawn, smoked chicken sausage, mushroom, pineapple, onion, marinara, and lots of mozzarella and cheddar cheese.


For seafood satisfaction, start with the Pesto Seafood Risotto (RM29.80). Filled with the ocean’s freshest prawn, clam, calamari, sole fish, mussels, shitake oysters, eryngii mushrooms and capsicums. The green color for the pesto sauce is made naturally from broccoli. The risotto is cooked together with the pesto therefore the flavor is perfect and including the seafood into the dish just help enhance the flavors even more.


Pastas are a highlight of the menu, try the Squid Ink Pasta (RM34.80) that conceals a treasure chest of the ocean's bounty, including plenty of prawns, clams, calamari, sole, scallops and mussels. This is a familiar crowd pleaser as many customers love the fact that there is no coloring used in making this dish, as the black color comes purely from the squid ink.


The pride of Sunny Queen is the Dancing Queen (RM 56.80), a vertical-roasted chicken that's gone through a marination process of over 24 hours, resulting in a golden-brown beauty that's so immaculately tender, you're recommended to rip it apart with your hands, with gloves provided by the restaurant. 


The whole chicken is fleshy and flavorsome, served in a bird cage that will have everyone snapping photos instantly. It is served with seasonal vegetables and spicy chili sauce and sweet lemon sauce.

Do note that there are very limited servings per day with waiting time of about 35 minutes. Customers are highly encouraged to pre-order the signature dish one day in advance to avoid long wait and any form of disappointment.

The menu at Sunny Queen is comprehensive, beyond the main dishes highlighted above, customers can also try their brunch menu. We went with the Sunny Toast (RM24.80), a very crispy and hearty piece of butter sugar toast, sprinkled with kiwi, banana, strawberry, granola, toasted nut and marshmallow. The toast is also moistened with a side of crème anglaise sauce and some berry cream at the base.


The passion for presentation extends to the drinks as well, including the I Am Watermelon (RM33.80), a whole fruit filled with fresh, natural-tasting watermelon juice. As well as the, Sunny Fruit Tea (RM22.80), the tea is brewed together with a mixture of apples, oranges, strawberries and passion fruit in front of you.


Customers who are searching for affordable lunch sets, which are only available on weekdays, they can make their way to Sunny Queen which is located at the lower ground floor of the famous Sunway Pyramid Mall. You could also drop by later for a High Tea set comprising a dessert and a drink, daily from 3pm to 6pm.