Stuff’d is a Mexican and Turkish fusion restaurant that serves a variety of food such as kebabs, burritos, tacos, quesadilla and a daily bowl on the go. The company started back in 2014 in Singapore and expanded to Malaysia in 2017.

The ordering system is simple. Just tick off what you want in your meal and pay by the counter. This customizable system allows customers to control what goes into their meal. Their best-sellers are their chicken kebabs and their burritos. However, their daily bowls have become quite popular especially health-conscious customers.

We decided to eat their tacos first. The tacos come in a soft tortilla shell filled with fresh salsa, lettuce and cilantro topped with yummy meat. Although the lime comes separately, the taco itself was tasty but the lime elevates the whole taco.

Their kebabs come wrapped in the same corn tortilla wrap so it kind of resembles a burrito but it’s not. Since their kebabs are made fresh in the kitchen every day, the meat wasn’t dry and it was really appetizing.

The burritos are like heaven with meat and vegetables stuffed in them. Plus, how many places let’s you add mashed potatoes in your burrito? It’s not the typical burrito one would be used to but it is in every way amazing.

 Their quesadillas are without a doubt delicious. They may not look like a typical quesadilla with how it’s presented but it is the perfect size and shape for a meal on the go. 

Finally, their daily bowl. This dish consists of a choice of protein, vegetables, and various toppings. You can even include soba into your bowl as one of the toppings. It’s probably the healthiest dish you will ever see in the entire menu as it is quite similar to a poke bowl.

Unfortunately, when we went they so happened to not have sour cream that day but it didn’t quite matter as all of the food was not heavy. Usually, Mexican food is quite hearty, and it was pleasing to discover that this was not the case for Stuff’d. That is an instant win.

Stuff’d doesn’t have a Halal certification at the time of writing but they are currently in the process of obtaining it. Rest assured that all their suppliers are Halal certified.