Gastronomy has never been a dull art but one full of surprises instead. From elegant flairs to quirky fancies, Spitalfield’s Gastrobar is the place to go for loud explosions of tastes while your eyes are charmed by the restaurant’s interior. Its cosy and exquisitely beautiful décor will only make you order more dishes just so you can soak up the ambiance a little longer.

The concept of Spitalfield’s Gastrobar was thought of after the owner realised that there was a gap in the market. Fitting of an English Victorian-style furnishing, the food served are of Modern European cuisine. This also means that their food incorporates more herbs as well as spices.


With an interior design that continuously stuns patrons, it is only proper that their food is up to par as well, and it is! It’s PJ’s best kept secret, and there’s a reason why loyal customers are so tight-lipped about this restaurant.


The Iron Chap is worth a try, especially for big fans of livers. As the taste is rather strong, this is not suitable for those who aren’t too keen on livers.


For appetizers, the Smokin’ Norsk is highly recommended. This dish is a play on textures as you have the smooth salmon slices, with the creamy dressing and crunch crackers to bring it all together. You can even taste the smokiness from the wood chips!


Who killed the lamb? The presentation of this dish deserves all the curious eyes from neighbouring tables. This is a lamb shoulder steak with beetroot sauce, served in a fashion that makes it the goriest plate in the restaurant. Though the lamb might have been a little chewy, it definitely made up for it in taste.


Their roast pork is not like the one you get from that chicken rice hawker stall. Oh, not at all. The crispy skin on their roast pork can barely be cut with a knife, you have to break it off instead. Savour the saltiness with the firm meat while the fatty layer just melts in your mouth. Spitalfield’s Cumberland and chorizo sausage will entice you with its glistening juice and plump meat. Their smoked ribs are also worth a mention as the sauce used is different from others. It’s not as sweet and is bursting with spices and herbs. 


Spitalfield's private bar, Nightingale, is confident with their bartenders and sells itself as a proper bar. They have special in-house cocktails and the bartenders are able to come up with a drink that is specially just for you! Another major difference you’ll see in Nightingale is that they use shaved ice balls and this doesn’t dilute your drink as fast. Cheers for non-watered down cocktails! The bar also holds a variety of whiskies from Scotland and Japan, Gin, Brandy as well as Beer on tap. Now, that’s a real PARTY!

So, what are you waiting for? Spitalfield's is a lovely place for gatherings and you can book it for functions too! Just talk to the manager and dazzle your family and friends with this undiscovered gem.

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Saturday, Sunday

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