Whenever you're walking around Jaya Shopping Centre, you may have come across a restaurant with a rather not so clever nor appealing name. That name would be Soup Restaurant. The Chinese Restaurant first opened in Singapore with a goal to bring up the Samsui Heritage with their herbal soups and authentic Chinese dishes.

Upon entering you will be greeted with traditional Chinese interiors with lanterns and bamboos that you will see in the restaurant. Their dishes are known to have special health benefits and certain items on the menu will state what health benefit you will get upon consuming them. 

One of their signature dishes will be their Samsui Ginger Chicken, the restaurant claims that this unique dish is meant to bring out their heritage cuisine. The dish is served with their special sauce and the chicken placed around the sauce bowl as well as some cucumbers to go with the chicken and the sauce. 

Soup Restaurant lives up to their namesake as they also serve a wide variety of soups. The soups are what people would usually order in terms of reaping health benefits. Their Double-boiled Dried Scallop with Black Chicken is one of the popular soup dishes. The health benefit for this dish is claimed to invigorate blood circulation, relieve stress and enhance your complexion.

Their second popular dish is Double-boiled Waisan and Ginseng Roots with Chicken Soup. This soup's health benefits are ideal for when you are stressed or feeling tired. But should the soups mentioned above not interest you, you can always go for their other soups especially their Soup Of The Day as it is also quite popular among customers. And if you are not craving for soups, you could always try their fried rice

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