When it comes to cakes many are up for it. It is what many love to savour on let alone molten cakes. So, how often does what get to have molten cakes? The creaminess of the warm insides as you break the crust of the cake gets many off. So, what is it that pops up in that mind of yours when somebody, say your sister, mentions to you that she is interested to go have some molten cake? Do you immediately think of how it is going to empty your wallet?

Or the goodness of the creaminess of the cake? Either way, this dessert sure does bring along joy as you have it with whoever you are having with. It is a great way to get together for a quick catching up session or just a place to go have a date on. Situated in Subang Jaya, this dessert café is what on would call a step above the rest, or in other words, they take their cakes to a whole new level. Appearance and presentation does play a huge part in them playing a part in being premium.

The décor, features a simple design that includes, concrete floors, and simple wooden tables, all arranged nicely for the place to be spacious enough for everyone to walk around. While here do give their Dark Chocolate Molten Cake, it is made of Belgian dark chocolate, strawberries, blueberries and cherry jam. Also, the Salted Egg Yolk Molten Cake is worth the try.