Snack Haus is Malay owned, fusion restaurant in Cyberjaya. Adding on to the number of similar themed restaurants, Snack Haus sets themselves apart by providing delivery services and best of all, a more than affordable price. With the tagline ‘your secluded food and beverage retreat’, business has been good for the restaurant so far, even with the intense competition.

The menu at Snack Haus is so extensive that one would have a hard time deciding on what to eat (as usual). The menu begins with the Asian selection of rice with gravy and fried rice. Notable mentions from this Eastern delights are Butter Chicken or Beef with RiceSambal Prawn with Rice, and the Signature Fried Rice served with drumstick, fried egg and plain chicken soup. The next menu would bring you to the wonders of Western kitchen. Options range from the variations of American Breakfast, to cuisines like Chicken Chop and Baked Meatballs in Brown Sauce. Not forgetting the usual Carbonara and Bolognese, and also burgers, sandwiches, and hot dogs. Light eaters can go for the lighter than rice Fried Noodles, the must try Fried Marinated Chicken in drumsticks or wings, or any of the finger foods. While French Fries is a hit all around, for kids who have yet to develop their palate can opt for Western soups like Mushroom or the Asian Fish Ball soup, served with garlic bread and rice respectively. 

The price, however, is the star at this restaurant. Considering the location of the restaurant and the increasing grocery prices, it is nice to see a restaurant that relies more on quality of the food and happiness of their customers.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

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