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When we were younger, mostly between the ages of 5-12, we had someone that we looked up to – an idol. Regardless the form, whether superheroes, cartoons, singers or even actors, there will be someone that we wish to be like in the future (by hopes). Hence, it’s no surprise that there are kids running around pretending to be Power Rangers or even Ultraman. Looking at them now makes us wonder how carefree and happy in the past. There were no worries. In fact, our only concern would be “what should I play next?” It was indeed joyous and fun, no doubt about it. Hence, our childhood memories will always stay with us, even when we have to (unfortunately) grow up.

That is why, upon arrival at Slurp Café located at 3-2 Square, there was a sense of bliss, joy and perhaps, a little nostalgic. With a range of action figures and figurines from different cartoons, TV-shows and anime, it seemed a lot like a paradise for kids (and perhaps some adults too!). Apart from the impressive collection, there are also wall paintings of Marvel’s Spiderman webbing Hulk’s mouth, Goku against Superman, and motivational posters with quotes. Overall, the design of Slurp Café is fairly straight forwarded. Most of its space is decorated with a form of mural or décor items. The tables and chairs used were also sufficiently large and fits 4 people comfortably.


Aside from their nostalgic interior and décor, their selection of food is quite unique as well. You’ll will not be able to find anything like this anywhere in Malaysia. There might be 1 or 2 that matches, but definitely not the entire collection. We started off with a plate of savoury Japanaese pancakes. Topped with plenty of Japanese sweet mayonnaise and fish flakes, which added a whole lot of flavour into the pancake itself. It was not only soft and fluffy, but filled with different textures as well. The cutest part of the Japanese pancake will be the lonely scallop on the top of the hill. Cooked to absolute perfection but single in every other way. Regardless, it was a great appetizer to begin with.


The following dish was also pretty interesting. It’s a Chicken Salad with Spaghetti underneath. Well, do not let its appearance fool you. Beneath the pile of fresh lettuce, carrot, onions, celery and grilled chicken, there is a serving of spaghetti with roasted sesame sauce. Interestingly, the warm grilled chicken went really well with the cold salad and spaghetti. The grilled chicken was not only packed with flavour, it was extremely tender and juicy as well. The spaghetti was cooked to perfection – al dante, and complimented with a delicious sweet Japanese roasted sesame sauce.



Our next dish can be considered as the most amazing one ever. In fact, it was a video shared in Facebook among hundreds of thousands of people. The famous Japanese Omu-rice. There are several variants to Slurp Café’s Japanese Omu-rice but we only tried 2 – black & white and Mentaiko Guru. The black & white omu-rice consists of a squid ink infused rice with a delicious omelette topped with cream sauce. The Mentaiko Guru version on the other hand, was blessed with plenty of mentaiko. However, the best part about these omu-rice weren’t simply about the aesthetics or taste of it, it was the presentation of completion. Upon serving, the waiter will slice open the Japanese omelette and let the goodness flows above the rice. Both were equally delicious, the rice was a little dry but with the help of the omelette, it added that moisture that it requires. Complimenting not only the flavour, but texture as well.


Another dish that we would like to highlight would be the Sambal Pasta. Yes, it might sound off-putting if not upright disgusting. Who would’ve thought to fuse the Nasi Lemak and pasta together? But the matter of fact, it was delicious. We wouldn’t say it’s for everyone, perhaps you might called it acquire taste. However, it wasn’t weird or anything, just something new. The pasta was served with a sambal sauce, which was rather spicy and fragrant. On the side, you’ll get some tender grilled chicken, prawns, cockails, peanuts, anchovies, papadom and of course, an egg. We concur that it has got to be one of the best example of fusion between Malaysian and well, western-European-Italian.


Last but not least, their desserts. At the time of trial, the Strawberry Fountain was still new as it wasn’t available on the menu yet. Pretty sure now it is. It has a delicious combination of strawberry ice cream, whipped cream, strawberry sorbet, fresh Japanese strawberries and a sliced of melon. Simply put, it looks as good as it taste! Deliciously sweet and fresh Japanese strawberries topped above strawberry ice cream and sorbet along with some whipped cream on the side – absolutely delicious. It was definitely a dessert to share around but we’re pretty sure one person could finish the whole thing.

In conclusion, Slurp café doesn’t only bring out the childhood memories within us, it gave us really good and unique fusion dishes as well. Some of them might taste a little odd, but we are certain that most of what they serve are absolutely delicious. Hence, if you’re around the neighborhood, or even craving for some Japanese omu-rice or Strawberry ice cream, do head over to Slurp Café, located at 3-2 Square, PJ!

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